Mr. Adam Szablowski, Dipl.-Ing. (B. Eng. equivalent), architect, was born in 1961 in Gdansk, Poland. He studied architecture at the Technical University in Danzig/Gdansk and at the University for Applied Sciences in Hamburg (formerly the Technical University of Hamburg). During his studies Mr. Szablowski worked as a tutor in Descriptive Geometry and CAD Technology. Mr. Szablowski gained his first experience as a planner while he was still pursuing his studies; he worked for the Hamburg architects, Heinrich Stötter and Volker Krautwedel. During this period his design projects included the Grone complex in Hammerbrookstraße in Hamburg, the DAK office building in Nagelsweg in Hamburg and a retirement home in Uhlenhorst. After this he was employed as a project and construction architect with the well-known firm of Gerkan, Marg & Partner. Here Mr. Szablowski worked on the Hillmannplatz office building in Bremen and Stuttgart Airport (A-Mitte). Then came collaboration with the architects, Patschan & Winking in Hamburg as a design architect (Veddel and Kedenburgstraße housing complexes in Hamburg). Since 1991 Mr. Szablowski has been working as a free-lance architect. Mr. Szablowski is married and has two children. His hobbies include Egyptology, archaeology, photography, the History of Art, skiing, swimming, CAD technology, high end audio, free drawing and sculpture.

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