Since we founded the architect's firm in 1991 we have been consistently improving the application of EDP and CAD technology to improve the workflow in the planning office. We had already begun developing new, more efficient methods of working during our collaboration with GMP Architekten; however, now that we work as an independent firm, we have been able to turn our clear concepts into practical and streamlined reality.

In the meanwhile CAD technology has taken huge strides towards being less confusing and easier to use. This is beneficial for speeding up the whole process of construction and making it more efficient. The use of BIM server technology, state-of-the art computer systems, platform-independent software solutions - all these are effective means, which make the work of an architect's office easier and more worthwhile.

This success, however, is not based on the machines, but on the intuitive and unfettered creativity, which the AS architects devote again and again to each customer and investor, whether they be private individuals or institutions, in order to develop a suitable, profitable solution which is optimal in every respect.

Our planning is based largely on the principles of treating resources with respect and ensuring sustainability, together with the cost-saving use of state-of-the-art technology, principles which apply whether we are considering design or issues of return on investment.

As well as the traditional spheres of activity of an architect's office within the meaning of the Ordinance on Architects' and Engineers' Fees, as our firm has developed over time other lines of business have crystallised out, which have lead to the continuing success of the firm;

Project development - since 1991 we have been involved in very close collaboration with renowned project developers, both throughout Germany and world-wide. This phase, which we call work phase 0 determines to a large extent the factors, which lead to the success of a project. The timely aid of experienced architects at this stage helps many firms to optimise their return on investment. Both the cost-effectiveness and the design and functionality of use will greatly influence the success of the total investment at this early stage.

Advice and expertise - for over 20 years we have been assisting investors, banks, insurance companies and property funds to invest money sensibly in the real estate sector. Knowledge of planning and building laws, together with our creativity and the rules of project development help here to make the correct decisions. Even local government customers, such as municipal or district administrations can avoid making the wrong decision, or if the wrong decision has been taken, can correct it.

Architectural visualisation - the ability to focus the attention of the decision-makers on the important aspects of a project, to work this out and to represent it clearly, represents a crucial factor for success in implementing the intended developments. A perspective, whether drawn by hand as an idea sketch or produced as a photographic realistic computer simulation, makes it possible even for the layman to understand the project and to make the correct judgement for the purpose. As support in referenda, investment approval, prospectuses for marketing projects, as well as in discussions with municipal administrations or politicians architectural communication performs invaluable services.

CAD consulting - even large concerns, who have professional CAD systems at their disposal, do not act alone on the property market. The construction industry is known to contain a myriad of different specialist areas. Official bodies, specialist engineers, architects, construction firms - in short - all those involved in construction work with the most diverse software and hardware solutions, which must nonetheless for each individual project either be converted or brought to a common level. Our efficient features can help to optimise or to speed up the construction process. In the domain of facility management up-to-date digital plans are often required, which only exist in obsolete versions.

Do not hesitate to ask us, we are very likely to be able to give you invaluable assistance...

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