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  CAD consulting - even large concerns, who have professional CAD systems at their disposal, do not act alone on the property market. The construction industry is known for its myriad of different specialist areas. Official bodies, specialist engineers, architects, construction firms - in short - all those involved in construction work with the most diverse software and hardware solutions, which must nonetheless for each individual project either be converted or brought to a common level. Our efficient features can help to optimise or to speed up the construction process. In the domain of facility management up-to-date digital plans are often required, which only exist in obsolete versions.

Do not hesitate to ask us, we are very likely to be able to give you invaluable assistance...

1991 CAD studies for the Örs Vezer Tere metro station in Budapest (HU), Anger shopping centre in Erfurt 1992 Dubravka shopping centre in Bratislava (SK), Stodulky shopping centre in Prague (CZ), 1993 Lech Centre Augsburg, 1994 development of Magdeburg railway station forecourt, concept for the Leiterstrasse Cultural Mile in Magdeburg, Zoologischer Garten railway station in Berlin, 1995 - 1996 Design and development of some 75 railway stations for German Railways, Deutsche Bahn AG, 2003 the Phillips Tower in Hamburg, 2004 concept for Mobile Worlds in Beijing (China) 2005 data conversions for the MultiCasa shopping centre in Duisburg, shopping centre in Constance, CAD consultancy for the B&L Group, Ludwigshafen Arcades Competition for MFI AG, 2007 Sparkasse Pinneberg, conversion of the CAD as-completed drawings 2008 & 2009 Martini site in Augsburg, ArchiCAD support 1999 - 2010 CAD support for MFI AG,



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