Architectural visualisation - the ability to focus the attention of the decision-makers on the important aspects of a project, to work this out and to represent it clearly, represents a crucial factor for success in implementing the intended developments. A perspective, whether drawn by hand as an idea sketch or produced as a photographic realistic computer simulation, makes it possible even for the layman to understand the project and to make the correct judgement for the purpose. As support in referenda, investment approval, prospectuses for marketing projects, as well as in discussions with municipal administrations or politicians architectural communication performs invaluable services.

1991 Steindamm office building in Kapellenstrasse Hamburg, Bremerhaven Competition 1992 Mittelweg office building in Hamburg, Technology Centre in Kiel, LVA (State Insurance Institutes)in Hamburg-Wandsbek, Jessen housing development 1993 Holstein Centre in Itzehoe, Kaufhof Halle, Chilehaus in Hamburg, Kaufhaus des Nordens (Kaufhof/Horten) Mönckebergstraße Hamburg, 1995 Lübeck Railway Station, Holm pedestrian precinct in Flensburg, Dammtor Railway Station in Hamburg, residential site plan for Dünenblick in Boltenhagen, Bad Ems Railway Station, Reutlingen shopping centre, Kröpke U-Bahn (Metro) Station in Hannover 1996 Hamburg-Bergedorf Railway Station forecourt, Klockmann House in Hamburg, Schaarmarkt House entrance hall, Sevens Düsseldorf, 1997 Kiel Main Railway Station, Lübeck Main Railway Station 1998 Mannheim City, Galata concept in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Galata concept in Hamburg-Altona, CinemaxX in Augsburg, Heegbarg office building in Hamburg 1999 Galata shopping centre in Moritzplatz in Berlin, Yokohama, Minato Mirai 21 (JP) 2000 office building in Büdelsdorf 2001 Rosenheim Arcades, Garmisch-Partenkirchen Railway Station, Duisburg Arcades, Würzburg Arcades, Erlangen Arcades, Köln Kalk Arcades 2002 Gänsemarkt-Passage in Hamburg, Oldenburg Arcades, Kazimierz Dolny (PL) hotel study 2003 Essen Arcades, Oldenburg Arcades, Munich-Pasing Arcades, Wilmersdorf Arcades in Berlin, Saarbrücken Arcades, 2004 Mobile Worlds Beijing (China), Kaufhaus Penndorf in Hamburg-Bergedorf, Stralsund sports complex, Erlangen Arcades, Paunsdorf Centre in Leipzig, site plan for St. Martin-Strasse in Munich, Ingolstadt Arcades, Wilmersdorf Arcades in Berlin, Düsseldorf Arcades, Erlangen Arcades, 2005 Würzburg Arcades, Düsseldorf-Bilk Community Centre, Ritterhaus Halle, study for Hamburg-Bergedorf Railway Station forecourt, Erlangen Arcades, Ludwigshafen Arcades, Paunsdorf Centre in Leipzig, City Centre Delmenhort, Lindenhof Centre in Langen, office building on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, railway station arcades in Heidelberg 2006 Ostsee-Zeitung Rostock, Minden Arcades, Rahlstedt Centre in Hamburg, Münster Arcades, Wilmersdorf Arcades in Berlin, Rosenheim Arcades, Ludwigshafen Arcades, Tetovo shopping centre (Serbia), office building on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, Abtshof Reutlingen, Leipzig - Brühl Arcades, Weil am Rhein Arcades, Munich Ratzinger Platz Arcades, Munich Freiham Arcades, 2007 Oelde Passage, Moers Arcades, Neuss Arcades, Munich-Pasing Arcades, Bochum Arcades, Heidelberg Neckar Arcades, Mannheim Centre K1J1, Göppingen Arcades, Reutlingen Arcades, Eppendorfer Baum 21 office building in Hamburg 2008 Neu-Ulm Centre, Delmenhorst Arcades, Duisburg Arcades, Wilhelmsburg - Reiherstieg 2009 Helios Höfe Köln, Harburg Arcades, Göppingen Arcades, Munich-Pasing Arcades, Brühl`sche Höfe Leipzig, 2010 Weiden Arcades, Weil am Rhein Arcades, Leipzig Paunsdorf, Wurzburg residential quarter, Helios Höfe Köln, Jarkomir retail park in Zagreb 2011 Sedelhöfe Ulm, Bochum Arcades, Minden Arcades, 2012 Osnabrück Arcades

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