Project development

  Since 1991 we have been involved in very close collaboration with renowned project developers, both throughout Germany and world-wide. This phase, which we call work phase 0 determines to a large extent the factors, which lead to the success of a project. The timely aid of experienced architects at this stage helps many firms to optimise their return on investment. Both the cost-effectiveness and the design and functionality of use will greatly influence the success of the total investment at this early stage.

1991 shopping centre Schwedt, shopping centre , Finsterwalde-Süd retail park, Potsdam - Waldstadt shopping centre, Genthin shopping centre 1992 Passage in Radebeul, Allkauf, retail park in Zwickau, supermarket study for Otto Reichelt AG, Berlin, care unit Praga - Stodulky (CZ), Schkeuditz city centre, expansion study for supermarkets in Poland 1993 housing studies for BKB Bauregie, expert opinion for Kaufhof AG, Wien - Stadlau shopping centre, 1994 concept for Rund um das Rad, further expert opinions for Kaufhof AG, Burgplatzpassage in Leipzig, retail park in Berlin - Ollenhauer Strasse, restructuring of the Zeil Galerie in Frankfurt am Main, Boltenhagen Dünenblick apartment complex, Concentra Haus in Leipzig, study for Levantehaus in Hamburg, 1995 Passage Sonnenstraße in Munich, some 25 railway stations throughout Germany for German Railways, Deutsche Bahn AG, Holm-Passage in Flensburg, S-Bahn railway arches in Berlin, the Cultural Station or Kulturbahnhof in Kassel, SINN department store in Essen, SINN department store in Duisburg, 1996 ASP Auto Service Point study, a further 25 railways stations throughout Germany for German Railways, Deutsche Bahn AG, Förde shopping centre in Kiel, Krefeld-Fichtenhein shopping centre,1997 Dünenweg housing complex in Boltenhagen, study Spree-Speicher, Berlin, Alter Schlachthof study in Berlin, Linde Centre in Nuremberg, retail park centre in Dortmund, 1998 Mannheim City Multistore, residential construction in Lübeck Travemünde Concept for the Karolinenstrasse passage in Nuremberg, Galata concept in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Kuddewörde site plan, 1999 Galata Moritzplatz shopping centre in Berlin, Brockdorfstrasse in Hamburg site plan, 2000 Zerbster Strasse retail park in Rodleben, NIKI - Areal Sopot Poland, Wellingsbütteler Markt Hamburg study, specialty retail park in Detmold, office blocks in Spaldingstrasse und Amsinckstrasse, self-service store in Hamelin, 2001 Oli-Park, new barbican domain in Ratzeburg, EVO Bayreuth, the railway station site in Wohltorf, 2002 Haerder site in Lübeck, Stadtsparkasse Bad Salzuflen, housing complex site plan Brahmsstrasse in Lübeck, 2003 several arcades projects for MFI AG, 2004 Mobile Worlds Beijing (China), Hamburg-Jenfeld shopping centre, Bardowick retail park, 2005 Ludwigshafen arcades, Delmenhorst City Centre, site plan for Tannenkoppel in Wohldorf, Lindenhof Centre in Langen, specialty retail park in Bernau, Ratio site in Brinkum, 2006 Wolle Park site in Delmenhorst, site plan for Mönchenmühle in Höxter, Vennebeck site in Porta Westfalica, 2007 K1M1 Passage in Mannheim, Stellinger Hof retail parks in Hamburg, Siemens site in Hannover-Laatzen, 2008 Office building in Hindenburgstraße in Bad Oldesloe, Delmenhorst shopping mall, Eidelstedt shopping centre, Reiherstieg - Wilhelmsburg site plan, 2010 residential site plan for Holsteiner Chaussee in Hamburg, commercial building in Spandauer Weg, retail park site in Hansestraße in Brunswick, site plan for Vogelhüttendeich in Hamburg, residential quarter in Würzburg, Jarkomir retail park in Zagreb, 2011 office building in Hammerbrookstrasse Hamburg, residential hostel in Eddelbüttelstraße Harburg, site plan for Alte Schmiede in Hamburg

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